Step 3: Refresh IT

We know that the renewal of devices can be a critical time, so we help you to securely and sustainably dispose of your IT, whilst simplifying the refresh process.


Hassle-free device replacement

Three-months before a device is due for replacement, we notify you so that you can make decisions in good time. Purchase, extend or return – whatever your preference, it takes seconds to update in our IT Asset Management Platform.

24, 36, 48 months

Optimal refresh point from tablets, laptops and desktop PCs

1 in 3

IT decision makers admit to dumping, destroying or locking away old IT


of end of contract devices are refurbished and reused


Empowering your IT asset refresh

Timely renewal of your IT assets isn’t just great news for you and your business, it’s a big win for the planet too. 98% of the devices returned to us find a second home, diverting a whole lot of e-waste from landfill.

Renewal options

Flexibility and choice is at the heart of Technology Lifecycle Management. At the end of the contract term choose whether you’d like to return the asset, extend the lease, or buy it outright.

Track the process

For your peace of mind, you can follow the whole return and refurbishment process via the asset management platform.

Easy returns

Return devices using our reliable logistics option where packing, collection and transportation is all handled for you. One more thing taken off your plate.

Powerful reporting

Never lose sight a device, even when you’ve sent it to us for disposal. You can access detailed audit logs and reports that show erasure status and quality assessment.


IT Asset Management Platform

Our powerful asset platform gives you everything you need for faster and smarter decision-making. Completely secure and designed around you, it covers your IT assets from start to finish and allows you to refresh your devices in good time.

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Supporting your next steps

When you choose to renew your IT assets at the end of the contract, we take care of everything, leaving you with a whole heap of benefits:


Reduced costs

From device downtime, to additional maintenance, to an over-reliance on IT support services – as your tech ages so does the hidden cost to you


Stay secure

Remove the headaches around disposing of your old devices, with our totally-secure solution – from logistics to best-in-class data erasure techniques


Increase satisfaction

Timely and smooth renewals reduce the risk of your users being left with inefficient kit which is more prone to frequent failure – improving productivity and satisfaction


Dispose in a sustainable way

Up to 85% of the total CO2 emissions a typical device generates is from its manufacture alone – by giving devices a second life we’re saving kilos of carbon every time

Our three-step solution

Discover how we’re revolutionising IT asset disposal

We’ve streamlined the entire erasure and disposal process. Now, why not learn more about the difference we’ve made to how you can acquire and manage them too.

Asset disposal

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