Safe and secure IT asset disposal service

IT assets are just that. Assets. They may have reached the end of their useful life with you, but they’re almost certainly not ready for the scrap heap yet.

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Dispose of your old tech safely
(and sustainably)

Whether you’re moving on to new tech or clearing the stores of dusty old devices, why not take advantage of our market-leading REfurbish, REuse, REcycle programme to perfectly manage the disposal of your old assets.


We securely erase and refurbish as many devices as possible


Giving them a second life and making a big difference environmentally


And if we can’t completely wipe them, or if they’re damaged, we shred them and recycle the material


A global challenge that requires an urgent response

Our ISO-certified refurbishment process means we're able to extend the life of thousands of devices every year. And with secondary users typically retaining devices for further four years, together we save kilos of carbon every time

70 million

E-waste is now the fastest growing waste stream and set to hit 70 million metric tonnes by 2030


Our refurbishment centres processes over 560,000 devices every year*
*3stepIT and BNP Paribas 3 Step IT consolidated figure


The world generates e-waste equivalent to throwing away 1000 laptops a second

Safe and Secure Disposal


You get old IT equipment disposed of safely and securely. You receive cash for your used and unwanted devices to boost your IT spending power. And you get to reduce your environmental footprint.

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What we do

We buy your unwanted devices and take care of the entire disposal process, diverting a whole load of e-waste from landfill.

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Benefits to you

We use best-in-class device sanitization solutions that are ISO certified. Plus you get access to data sanitization and environmental reports.


How we handle devices

Every device is tagged with a unique ID and it’s tracked as it goes through the refurbishment process. Data destruction is carried out using best-in-class device sanitization software, and if this is not possible, then the device is mechanically shredded and the leftover materials are recycled.


One-stop service

The whole process couldn’t be more straightforward. We agree market value for your device. You dispatch it to us (or we can even collect it). We grade it, securely sanitize the data, and refurbish it ready for its second life. Then we sell it on to one of our vetted buyers.


Comprehensive reporting

And for the ultimate peace-of-mind you will receive a detailed data sanitization, and environmental report which shows you the positive environmental impact of your decision to use our service.


Five steps, four weeks

Our solution is the ultimate simple, secure, and sustainable solution for your old IT equipment.

1. You get a quote
2. Your equipment is securely sent to us (or collected)
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3. Devices sanitised
4. Then they're refurbished or recycled
5. And you’re paid the market value


Sustainable IT matters

We're proud to be helping businesses across the globe to consume technology in a more sustainable way. Our solutions enable them to reduce their e-waste and avoid kilos of carbon.

Discover your potential environmental impact

Secure IT asset disposition

Earn cash for your old devices

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