Technology Lifecycle

We’ve engineered the entire IT asset lifecycle, with you at the heart. Access, manage and refresh IT devices, with our simple, secure and sustainable solution.

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We’re committed

Better for business. Better for the planet.

We believe in a world where you can access the technology you need, as you need it.

Where you can manage and control every device, minimise security risks, and lower your Total Cost of Ownership.

And where you can dispose of it at the end-of-life, safe in the knowledge that the data will be securely wiped and the device refurbished or recycled, saving kilos of carbon emissions and electronic waste.


Sustainable Technology Lifecycle Management

We’ve taken the traditional way of owning IT and we’ve ripped up the rule book. Instead, we offer a smart, simple and sustainable way of accessing, managing and refreshing your IT devices.

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Finger On The Pulse

IT Asset Management Platform

Our powerful asset platform gives you everything you need for faster and smarter decision-making. Completely secure and designed around you, it covers your IT assets from start to finish.

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Refurbish, Reuse, Recycle

IT Asset Disposition

We will buy your unwanted IT devices from you and manage the data erasure and refurbishment processes to give them a second life – diverting kilos of e-waste and carbon every time.

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Sustainable IT matters

We're proud to be helping businesses across the globe to consume technology in a more sustainable way. Our solutions enable them to reduce their e-waste and avoid kilos of carbon.

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